Are you a Tired/Overwhelmed/Stressed Professional?

Are you a Tired/Overwhelmed/Stressed Professional?

  • Does it seem like there's not enough time for everything in your day? 
  • Do you find it hard to sleep through the night; you wake up exhausted?
  • Is stress is wearing you down every day?     

You can make slight shifts to get back on the road to more energy, better sleep, less stress and a much more balanced life...

Through my coaching, I help busy professionals, just like you, discover a way to get everything done and feel like you're a success at the end of the day.  I help you wake up in the morning so you're rested and energetic and regain time to spend with your family and loved ones.  

Your first step would be to click on the right and sign up for this quiz to see where you are currently and what areas need changes to reach your goals.  Learn how overwhelm has affected your life.


What others are saying :

"empowered to regain control of my days and be more productive..."

Jan was able to help me gain awareness to see different perspectives that I wasn’t able to see initially. In one short session, I left feeling confident and empowered to regain control of my days and be more productive in my work. I have put some of our strategies to use and am already experiencing success. Thank you, Jan!

Brooke W, San Diego, CA

"It has been so helpful"

I love your Tuesday tips. It has been so helpful! Thanks for sending those emails! I look forward to them every week.

Heather S, Universal City, TX




        What you discover may surprise you.

 Your First Steps to go from Overwhelm to Feeling Back in Control


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