During September I get to attend one of my favorite events of the year, the MCAS Miramar Air Show.  This is the largest military airshow in the nation.  The event is held over 3 days at the end of the month and will entertain approximately 500,000 people. It's a fabulous family event as it's free, there is a huge static display and several hours of flying exhibitions that end with the Blue Angels.  All my close friends know that I love the sound and speed of fast machines whether it's racecars, jets, or thunder boats.  So, I'll be in heaven when I hear the jets fly over.  I'll include a picture next month. 



Escaping the Path to Nowhere

  1. Do you sometimes get hit by those overwhelming feelings that make it hard to get going? It's like you've lost that spark for trying new things, and your daily routine is cruising on autopilot.
  2. Is making decisions feeling like a bit of a struggle lately? Trust me, you're not alone in this complex world. It's easy to overcomplicate things then feel a bit overwhelmed and maybe even ignore some of the challenges, hoping they'll magically disappear.
  3. Is tiredness a constant companion these days? Whether it's from not getting enough sleep or just feeling a bit low on energy, it's not always about getting older. There's this whole I feel drained most of the time sensation.

If any of these situation’s sound like your life, don’t get discouraged, these are things I often hear from the people I work with.

Recognizing these feelings is like the first step on the path to feeling better. Those overwhelming moments, the uncertainty, and that tiredness – they're like signals pointing to things being a bit out of balance. It's a sign that change is in the air, and there's a chance to find some fresh excitement.

Wondering how you can step off the treadmill, find your balance, and welcome in positivity and productivity? Well, keep reading because I've got a simple decision-making method that can help ease overwhelm, make your choices clearer, and put a spring back in your step.

First things first, let's sort your decisions into three categories: "Yes," "No," and "Maybe."

Let's say you're pondering taking on some extra work – if your gut reaction says "No," go ahead and honor that feeling. Trust yourself!

Now, let's talk about that vacation you've been daydreaming about. Chances are, it's a big, bright "Yes," right?

Here's the thing: don't get too caught up in all the details and what-ifs. Just look at your list of decisions and sort them into these three piles. If something isn't an obvious "Yes" or "No," toss it in the "Maybe" stack.

Ah, the "Maybe" pile – it's usually full of things that make you scratch your head a bit. But guess what? It's often just an extension of your "No" pile. Those "Maybe" things can feel heavy if you start seeing them as stuff you should do.

Here's a gentle idea: Learn to embrace the power of "No."

Until you've taken care of your "Yes" items, everything else can happily be a "No." It's as simple as that. Focusing on your shorter "Yes" list can help you let go of those pesky "what ifs" and ease that overwhelming feeling bit by bit.

So, there you have it, a simple and easy way to make decisions that can help you feel lighter, more at ease, and full of extra energy. We’ll talk more about the 3 piles during the month.


Since part of the information this month deals with having balance in your life, I wanted to give you a tool I use with some of my clients which I call “My Life Priority Wheel”.  You may hear this called a Wheel of Life or by several other names.  My thoughts are if you don't make something a priority you just might not have as much of it in your life as you would like.  There are 2 pages to the tool, the first to show how you currently rate the categories and the second page to show how you would like things to be so you can create a plan to get there. 


I only take a few clients each year for my private one-to-one coaching, and I have 2 spots opening up.  If you would like to chat about why coaching might make sense for you click here to learn more.   Since these are via zoom it doesn't matter where you are in the world we can work together to reach your goals or make the changes you would like in your life.  Once these spots are filled you will have to go on a waiting list.  The call is free so if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired let's talk.  


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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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