This month we are looking at the importance of taking a break from the routine and grind.  While many cultures around the world have fewer work hours or take rest breaks during the day that is larger not the American way.  I'm not sure how we got here, but in the USA, we are more focused on working harder, with longer hours, and little emphasis on taking breaks.  This is a pattern that as individuals, would serve us well to alter. Move towards taking breaks from time to time whether it be a few minutes, a day off, or an actual vacation of multiple days.  This week let's start at the beginning, taking breaks during the day.


"A short break during the day isn't a luxury; it's a necessity for maintaining focus, creativity, and mental well-being."--Unknown

Taking a break from your work from time to time is like rebooting your computer.  It stops the programs that are running in the background and allows you to reset your focus, intention, and attitude.  Even Mother Nature takes a break such as the changing of the seasons.

Today's Coaching Challenge

Think about your workday, do you take short breaks on a regular basis or push through hour after hour never stopping to recharge your batteries?  When people say things like "I hate my job" that is usually a sign, in part, that they don't stop to walk away, think of things other than work, and get refreshed.

I know that it can be easy to think that you don't have time to take a break and that is probably when you need it the most.  Once you develop the habit of taking short breaks you will realize how important they are and how your attitude and health can be dramatically improved by that simple change in your life.

Action to take

If you are working on a computer all day promise yourself that you will start to take a 5 minute break every other hour until you can develop the habit of taking 5 minutes per hour.   

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

P.S.  If you think you can't take a break let's talk,  schedule a First Step Away From Stress call. 

Jan Cerasaro
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