In March we are looking at gratitude which is so much more than just listing what you are grateful for.  It is living in an attitude of gratitude, so, let's explore that further.  This week I am discussing developing a habit of being grateful throughout the day.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward

Feeling gratitude and being grateful throughout the day is about noticing the world and people around you.  Appreciating the warmth of the sun shining down on you, a smile from a stranger, or hug from a friend.  When you are mindful you can savor your meals and realize how fortunate you are to have food to eat, while many people don't.  It is things like this that create a habit of being grateful.

Today's Coaching Challenge

How often do you take a moment to appreciate the little things that happen? Like, those tiny instances that make you smile. Can you pinpoint any occasions or experiences that always seem to bring you joy?

Your day is full of opportunities to notice the people and things you appreciate.  Someone held a door open for you, you bit into an apple and enjoyed its sweetness and texture, you watched children playing.  There are so many times throughout the day to appreciate the world around you.

Action to take

If this is new to you stop right now to appreciate something that is going on; you're warm, you're listening to great music, maybe you are eating some wonderful food.  What is in front of you right now that you can appreciate?  Then start to do this throughout the day until it becomes a habit. 

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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Jan Cerasaro
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