In March we are looking at gratitude which is so much more than just listing what you are grateful for.  It is living in a attitude of gratitude, so, let's explore that further.  This week I want to write about changing your complaints into things to be grateful for.

"Gratitude changes everything. Complaints change nothing." - Unknown

Okay, I am going to be a little self-promoting here for a moment.  Today is my birthday (I won't tell you which one though). I won't have another Java sent on my birthday until 2030 (Yikes that sounds so far away).   However, today's quote speaks to basically being happy about something instead of complaining.  So, I am thankful that I have completed another trip around the sun instead of complaining about not being young anymore.  I have so many wonderful people in my world and life experiences, most of which I didn't have when I was 20, so what's to complain about?

Today's Coaching Challenge

What complaints do you frequently voice in your life? How would you reframe them into opportunities to be grateful and optimistic?

Can you see how can focusing on gratitude instead of complaints can improve your overall sense of well-being and happiness?

Action to take

"Think about a recent complaint you've had. How can you shift your perspective to find something to be grateful for in that situation? What positive aspects or lessons can you glean from what initially seemed like a negative experience?"


Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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