This month the topic is about having more happiness. You create your happiness, it's not something that can be given to you or purchased.  Sometimes you may stifle it so, let's look at a few ways you can open yourself up to the happiness that is already available to you.  This week is about how laughter can add happiness to your life.


"A good laugh heals a lot of hurts. " -- Madeleine L'engle

Some thoughts may arise about how laughter can help you be happier, so I pose this question to you.  Have you ever seen a laughing person that was sad or watched a sad person laugh?  You won't because laughter has the opposite effect on your body than sadness.  Different chemicals are produced in your body that increase your level of happiness.

Today's Coaching Challenge

When was the last time that you laughed so hard that it made you start to cry or made your abs hurt?  That is sometimes called a belly laugh.  Remember how refreshed you felt after that laugh?

This kind of laughter is like giving your internal organs a massage while releasing a lot of stress from your body and creating those feel-good chemicals.  As you enter adulthood (at least in the West) you might start to think that you have to take everything so seriously that it's easy to laugh less and less.  If you want more happiness in your life, make it okay for yourself to laugh as often as possible.  Even a little chuckle is helpful because it keeps you on a positive and less serious path through life.

Action to take

We all have certain things that can easily make us laugh.  Take a few minutes today to list the things that get you laughing and add to the list when you remember more.  Then plan to incorporate some of those things into your daily schedule. 

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