The newsletter this month was discussing two factors of happiness which are managing personal finances and developing work life balance.  People frequently associate money with happiness.  This week let's look at how you feel about money so you can determine if that view is working for you.


"Money is neither good nor bad.  It simply amplifies what is in the heart of the one who controls it." ---

John Avanzini

From your earliest memory you were told about money; it's evil, there's not enough, having more of it is all that matters and a number of other things.  These statements were based on the opinion of others such as your parents or the community.  The reason that they felt this way isn't important, what matters more is how you feel about money.

Today's Coaching Challenge

Even though you may still hear those statements in your head, how do you feel about money right now? What is your opinion and does that serve you?

It's easy to get caught up in the feeling that you continually need more money.  Sure, you need a flow of money to pay for your food, shelter, and all of those necessities but do you really need the latest smartphone, gadget, or something else just because it's the latest, greatest, biggest, best?  When is enough enough?

Action to take

If you use a budget and save money on a regular basis, congratulations you are the one in control of your money.  If that is not the case, take some time today to think about what money means to you and how you use it.  Getting control of your spending and money starts with having an intention to do that and making a conscious decision. 

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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Jan Cerasaro
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