This year has been a real mixed bag for me.  I am looking forward to June, though, as my brother will be in town for a couple of days, and we always laugh and have a lot of fun together.  Then a few days after that a dear friend from New York will be in town.  Even though both visits will be short, it's easy to pack in a lot of laughs and fun when that's your intention.  Speaking of fun, that's the subject for this month.  So, let's get after it. 



Remember to Have Fun

With all of the concerns of the day it can be easy to forget to have fun. When you were young life was probably centered around having fun, however, as you became an adult you may have started focusing more on obligations, work, family, etc. and spent little time thinking about fun. When you dive into activities that bring you happiness and excitement, you not only lift your spirits but also create lasting memories and boost your overall well-being. Let the following questions help you refocus on having fun and perhaps give you some new ideas.

1. What activities do you engage in to boost your happiness and have more fun?
a) Watch TV shows or movies b) Try new hobbies c) Spend time with loved ones d) Explore nature

2. What do you do to incorporate new things into your life to add excitement and fun?
a) Explore new places b) Welcome change c) Take on new challenges d) Learn a new language or skill

3. Who do you spend time with to enhance your enjoyment and create memorable experiences?
a) Close friends and family b) Acquaintances c) Strangers d) Positive and uplifting people

4. What hobbies and interests do you dedicate time to for personal growth and relaxation?
a) Painting or crafting b) Reading books c) Gardening d) Engaging in activities that bring me joy

5. What do you do to laugh more and reduce stress in your daily life?
a) Watch comedy shows or movies b) Engage in outdoor activities c) Socialize with fun-loving friends d) Take time to relax and unwind

6. What steps do you take to get out of your comfort zone and experience new adventures?
a) Travel to new destinations b) Try new foods c) Embrace new experiences d) Take calculated risks

7. How do you express your creativity to add fun and excitement to your daily life?
a) Try a new recipe or restaurant b) Dance like no one is watching c) Sing like no one can hear you d) Be willing to do something new

8. What practices do you follow to cultivate gratitude and appreciate the little joys in life?
a) Keep a gratitude journal b) Recognize challenges as opportunities for growth c) Value meaningful experiences over material possessions d) Find joy in everyday moments

9. What do you do to take breaks and rest regularly, ensuring you have energy for fun activities?
a) Get enough sleep b) Take short walks or breaks during work c) Prioritize self-care d) Balance work and play

10. How do you bring humor and lightheartedness into your life to create enjoyable moments and connections?
a) Share jokes or funny stories b) Let myself be childlike c) Find the humor in little things d) Don’t take life too seriously

Remember that your journey to joy and fulfillment is unique to you. Embracing fun-filled activities, seeking out laughter, and cherishing moments with loved ones are not just luxuries but essential ingredients for a vibrant and balanced life. So, keep nurturing your sense of adventure, continue to welcome new experiences, and never underestimate the power of a good laugh. Your ability to find joy in everyday moments and create lasting memories is what makes your life truly extraordinary. Here's to a life filled with fun, laughter, and endless adventures! 


Since this month is about having fun, I am recommending two classic comedy routines that you will find on YouTube.  The first one is Abbott and Costello's Who's on First and the second is Tim Conway and his famous dentist routine.    

 If these don't get you laughing, make an emergency call to your doctor to get a funny bone transplant.  Enjoy!! 


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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

Coach Jan  

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