Well, here we are at the beginning of another year.  2023 was a great year for me and I believe 2024 will be even better.  Did I accomplish everything I wanted to "No" and that's okay.  Did I learn a lot, laugh a lot, share a lot of love and kindness, yes, so it really was a great year.  I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends, family members, and opportunities.  The only restrictions I have on my life are the ones that I have placed there.  Just like you I am a work in progress and look forward to many wonderful accomplishments for this new year.  I picked self-discipline as the first topic.  It's something I work on every day and just maybe you do too. 


Embracing Self-Discipline with Compassion  

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of success in both personal and professional realms. It entails the ability to resist temptations, opt for thoughtful actions over impulsive ones, and confront obstacles on the path to achieving our aspirations. However, for many, self-discipline carries a negative connotation.

Practicing self-discipline often involves denying ourselves small pleasures, dragging ourselves out of bed for a workout, or forgoing a social event to attend to less enjoyable responsibilities. This can feel punitive or like deprivation, creating an unwelcome buzzkill. So, how can we cultivate self-discipline without feeling deprived or punished?

The answer lies in self-love and acceptance. When trying to incorporate a new habit, like meditation, into your routine, it's common to struggle. You set an alarm but snooze it repeatedly or fail to stick with your commitment, leading to self-judgment and a sense of lacking willpower.  Maybe you even resort to shaming or guilt-tripping yourself.

The first issue to address is self-criticism. We all have moments of weakness and give in to temptations or impulses. Making mistakes is part of our human nature, not character flaws. Indulging occasionally doesn't make you a terrible person; it makes you human. Instead of berating yourself, acknowledge that it's okay to feel bad without labeling yourself as bad. Allow yourself to have off days but promise to start anew without judgment.

Moreover, use your moments of temptation as opportunities for introspection. When faced with the choice of sleeping in instead of meditating, explore the underlying reasons. Perhaps you're genuinely fatigued, or there might be deeper emotions at play. Sometimes, choosing comfort, like sleeping in, can serve as a coping mechanism to avoid confronting other issues. Delve into what truly troubles you and find constructive ways to address those issues, eliminating self-sabotage.

As you shed light on the underlying concerns and meet your genuine needs, self-sabotaging behaviors will naturally diminish. You'll come to appreciate that self-discipline can be gratifying. This transformation enables you to replace unhealthy choices with nourishing ones.

In this state, forming new habits no longer feels burdensome or punitive. Habits such as meditation become sources of calm and replenishment, and you eagerly anticipate them. Exercise ceases to be a dreaded task and becomes an energy booster. Healthy eating no longer feels like deprivation but a source of increased vitality. When self-discipline aligns with self-care, adopting new habits becomes effortless.

Effective self-discipline need not feel restricting or punishing when approached correctly. Instead, it can be a source of empowerment. Your inner resolve plays a crucial role in achieving your goals, and the satisfaction of realizing your desires is immensely rewarding. 


No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy

In this book Brian created 21 chapters to cover self-discipline and various topics, such as goals, problem solving, money, and happiness.  So, if you have a particular area you want to work on it's easy to find.  I have included a link to the Amazon page if you want to check it out (I do Not earn money from this link, it's supplied to your convenience).

BONUS:  If you have an audible account this book is free.  WooHoo!!


I know I mentioned before that I am leading the San Diego County Escrow Association this year and our first live dinner meeting after almost 4 years on Zoom will be on Jan. 9th.  I hope that all the San Diego area escrow people on this mailing have signed up for this event.  


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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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