When people talk about gratitude they frequently focus on things and people they can see around them. While that is beneficial, they may miss some of the subtle aspects of gratitude which we will look at this month.   We already did a deep dive in the newsletter regarding gratitude for a single item so now let's explore some of the subtleties.    This week we will look at having gratitude when receiving compliments.  Stick with me I know that might sound a little unusual.


I accept every compliment I receive with an open heart, a smile on my face, and gratitude. --- Anon

While this quote is the ideal way to receive a compliment how many of us actually practice this on a regular basis?  We lose sight of the fact that a genuine compliment is a gift from one person to another.  I doubt that you would take a gift from someone and just throw it to the side yet when you don't accept a compliment that is exactly what you are doing.

Today's Coaching Challenge

How did you handle the last compliment directed at you?  Did you accept it?

When you dismiss a compliment, you can be making the other person feel bad and reject their opinion as having no value.  You are also downplaying yourself.  Remember they are giving you a gift as they see value in you that you may not be comfortable acknowledging in yourself.

Action to take

The next time you get complimented for anything, look the giver in the eyes, smile, and say "Thank you I really appreciate that".  You will both feel better and be more inclined to acknowledge the greatness in others.


Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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Jan Cerasaro
Jan Cerasaro Coaching