By connecting with you every week you have created a special place in my life. For this Thanksgiving edition, as in years past this week's format is a little different and the coaching challenge is directed at me instead of you.


Today's Coaching Challenge for Me

  Have I taken every possible opportunity today to convey the depth of my gratitude for having you in my life? You've been a teacher, a source of inspiration, a client, and above all, a cherished friend. Because of these roles, you occupy a unique and significant space in my heart.

Action to take

This Thanksgiving, I want to do more than simply offer words of thanks. I want to commit to showing my gratitude through actions. My action to take is to promise you that I will always appreciate you. Over the next year and beyond, I will strive to be a better friend and a more attentive listener. I will work tirelessly to provide you with even better service than in the past. 

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!   Jan             


Jan Cerasaro
Jan Cerasaro Coaching