As wonderful as it would be for December to just be a month to celebrate our sacred holidays, it can be less than peaceful and joyous.  It can sometimes be downright harried and frustrating.  Many extra things in our lives including COVID can have people burning the candle at both ends.   What’s left when that candle gets to the middle?  So, my focus this month is to help you avoid burn-out.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  --- Albert Einstein

So, what does imagination have to do with stress and burn-out, you ask.  In the newsletter, I talked about finding a different approach or viewpoint.  Something isn’t working or not working well when you are stressed.  Use your amazing imagination to think of another way to do something more effectively.

Today’s coaching challenge

What part of your life could use a fresh approach?

Wouldn’t it feel great when that part started working better because you took a new look at it?

 Some people will answer that their relationships could use some improvement whether it be with a boss, spouse, parent, or friend.  A fresh approach to improve a relationship could be to show appreciation for the other person.

 Action to take

 Who will you reach out to today to let them know how much they matter?


Always supporting you,



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Jan Cerasaro
Jan Cerasaro Coaching