This month, we are looking at ways to make this year your best year.  Giving attention to all aspects of your life will not only help you reach many of your goals but will also give you joy while you are pursuing them. This week let's clean out some clutter, release hurt feelings and let go of grudges.

 "Holding on to anger is like holding on to an anchor and jumping into the sea.  If you don't let it go, you'll drown."---Anon

To have your best year, you need to let go of the negative things holding you down in your career, your relationships, and your soul.  While many people thrive on separating us from each other and our goodness, it is up to each of us to ignore that noise and fix our own world.  When each of us fix our personal worlds, the people of the world will start to heal one person at a time.  We are better than the hate mongers and it's time we let them know that by embracing compassion and understanding.

Today's Coaching Challenge

Did someone in the past hurt your feelings or did you wrong in some way?  Are you still spending time thinking about the perceived wrong?

If so, please know that you are the only one giving that situation any attention, the other person has moved on.  If they are mean spirited and intentionally hurt you then you might want to just get them out of your life.  If, as in most cases, it was just someone not acting their best at the time, can you make peace with that and let it go.  None of us behave at our best 100% of the time and there may be people that you have wronged as well.  It doesn't make us bad people it just makes us human.

Action to take

Take some today to acknowledge if there are people you need to forgive and ask forgiveness from the people you may have treated poorly.  Your life is too short to waste hanging on to hurt feelings.

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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