This month we are looking at change and whether you embrace it or resist it.  Let's face it, it is certainly easier when things flow pretty much as you expected, and you don't have a lot of challenges or major decisions to make.  However, life isn't set up that way and we are dealing with change every day.  This week I ask you how true is this statement for you?  I hesitate to make a change until everything is 100 percent right.


"Some people want everything to be perfect before they're willing to commit...But commitment always precedes achievement."--- John C. Maxwell

How many things that we enjoy today would not exist it the inventor waited for everything to be just right?  Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers, even Steve Jobs all ventured out with new ideas that they tried out until they worked.

Today's Coaching Challenge

Is there something that you have been putting off while you're waiting for the right time?  And if so, why isn't now the right time?

Very often the delay is because it isn't a high enough priority for you to complete it.  Let's face it, if an emergency came up you would probably respond without waiting for all the conditions to be perfect.

Action to take

Look at your "Someday I'll" list and pick something to work on that would make you feel good once it was finally completed.  There is a strong possibility that you will discover it was easier than you thought it would be (even if everything wasn't a 100% right when you started). 

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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