This month my Java's will expand on 3 of the questions in the quiz given in the newsletter.  These deal with forcing yourself, avoiding conflict, and subordinating your own needs to that of others.  This week the question was true or false:  I force myself to do things even when I don't have the energy to do them.

"Going on one more round, when you don't think you can, that's what makes the difference in your life"--Sylvester Stallone

While the quiz was taking this question in the direction of something you'd rather not do for someone else, let's take a look at it from a different perspective directing it towards something you want to do for yourself.  So look at that question one more time.  The reality is that if you truly did not have the energy to do something even force wouldn't give you the ability to do it.  Sure you may be exhausted or in physical pain but there is something inside you giving you the ability to accomplish the task.  Look at nature; does it force a plant to grow, an animal to go about its life or a river to flow?  A seedling might use an extra little bit of energy to break through the ground into the daylight, but somehow it does it.

Today's coaching challenge

What could you accomplish if you knew you had the energy to complete the task or reach the goal?

We have so much more power and resources than we can imagine.  Think of all the stories of people lifting cars off of children to save them, is that something they would have thought possible for themselves?

Action to take

With the coaching challenge in mind, what first step could you take today towards accomplishing what you listed above? 

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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Jan Cerasaro
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