Having command over your life is an illusion as there is very little you can manage.  Sure, there are a few things, like what clothes you are going to wear today, that you can control, however most of your life is out of your control.  Let's look at several things that you can do to affect what happens to you.   Last, but certainly not least, is to seek the support of others.


"Ask for help.  Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong." -- Les Brown

In the past there were many things that just weren't talked about.  It wasn't considered proper to share anything that wasn't positive, little only ask for help.  The conversation might have been something like "Be quiet we just don't talk about those sorts of things".  Not only is that attitude archaic but it's also dangerous.  There are so many situations in modern life when asking for help is the most intelligent thing you could do.

   Today's Coaching Challenge

When faced with a challenge are you comfortable asking for assistance or do you want to tough it out, thinking "I can handle this, I don't need any help?".

It may be as simple as a work project, or more serious such as being bullied or grieving the loss of a loved one. The reality though is that you probably don't live in a cave, which means there are many people around you that are available to help you out.  Your life will be much easier if you allow yourself to ask for help regardless of the level of help you need.  

Action to take

When faced with something that you can't control ask yourself who might be able to help you.  Whether it's something simple and you are asking a co-worker for assistance or if it's more serious and you are in need of professional help allow yourself to reach out.  Trust that there are many people who would be happy to help.  You don't have to suffer in silence.  

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

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