Having command over your life is an illusion as there is very little you can manage.  Sure, there are a few things, that you can control like what clothes you are going to wear today, however most of your life is out of your control.  That doesn't mean that you are subject to the whims of the world, so let's look at several things that you can do to affect what happens to you.  This issue is about focusing on what you can control.


"Don't worry about what you can't control.  Our focus and energy need to be on the things we CAN control.  Attitude, effort, focus--these are the things we can control."---Tim Tebow

It would be silly if you woke up in the morning and spent your day trying to keep the sun from shining.  Anyone who has a teenager understands that trying to change their attitude is a little like trying to push a boulder up a hill.  If you realize that it is part of their passage into adulthood, you probably won't take their actions as personally as you could if you were not paying attention.  Giving them guidance, structure, support, and encouragement is about the best you can do until they pass out of that stage. 

Today's Coaching Challenge

When you are faced with a situation that changes your plans, such as a client cancelling an appt., handling group dynamics in a meeting, or even the weather do you acknowledge that that is out of your control, or do you try to force it to work the way you want it to?  

Action to take

The next time you are faced with something that is difficult or different than what you might have preferred take a moment to look and see if you created it (something you could have controlled) like being late, if so, then change your actions.  If it's out of your control, don't spend a lot of time focusing on the problem, just create a "Plan B" and move on. 

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