Your personal energy is a renewable resource and must be replenished so your body can function properly and perform at the levels you desire to achieve.  However, many people are more concerned with the charge in their smartphones versus their own bodies.  So, this month you'll become aware of how you prioritize your energy level and discover some ways to improve if needed.  This week is about lack of sleep.

 "Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow."---Tom Roth

Sleep is when your body and mind get to escape from the demands of the day and repair themselves, so you can function well the following day.  The medical professionals say that we should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep or more at night for optimum health.  My personal target is 7 hours per night which works really well for me.

Today's Coaching Challenge

Are you one of those people that proudly announce that you only get 5 hours or less per night and that is all you need?  Have you ever considered how much better you could perform during your waking hours if you got 7 hours each night?

While you might think you are fine with little sleep what effect is it having on your body? The signs of not properly caring for yourself may take years to show up so how about taking some preventative action now before the damage is done?

Action to take

If getting 7 hours of sleep right now is out of the question, then start where you are and add another 15 minutes each week to your nightly sleep (6 hours to 6 ¼ hours) than another 15 minutes the next week and repeat weekly until you can work up to 7.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised how much more energy and clarity you have by getting that extra sleep.  If performing at your best is your goal getting a proper amount of sleep is the first step.

Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                Jan

P.S.  Adequate sleep equals less stress so if you would like to reduce your stress click here for a free Your First Step Away From Stress call.

Jan Cerasaro
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