When people talk about gratitude they frequently focus on things and people they can see around them. While that is beneficial, they may miss some of the subtle aspects of gratitude which we will look at this month.   We already did a deep dive in the newsletter regarding gratitude for a single item so now let's explore some of the subtleties.    This week we will look at having gratitude for our five senses or six if you have developed that one.


Soft breeze, gentle touch, warm smile, shifting light, dancing leaves, singing birds, tingling taste buds...I am grateful to be present to the miracles of the senses. -- Kristin Granger

When you are appreciating things like a breeze, smile, or birds more often than not you are giving thanks for those things forgetting to appreciate your ability to feel the breeze, see the smile, or hear the birds. Your senses have been with you since before your first breath, so it can be easy to take them for granted until one becomes impaired or lost to you.  

Today's Coaching Challenge

When was the last time you stopped to notice and appreciate your senses and all that they bring to your life? Think of the richness you can add to your life by just noticing how something feels, sounds, looks, tastes, or smells in addition to the item itself.

The object usually appreciated is let's say a gift of some sort, however, the senses are like everything surrounding the gift; they are the wrapping paper, bows, the box, stuffing inside the box before you even see the gift.  The senses add value and wonder to everything, they are what creates an experience.

Action to take

Since this is Java for Jan the next time you are thankful for that cup of coffee (or tea) also take a moment to appreciate how it looks in the cup, how it smells, the feel of the warmth around the cup and as it goes into your mouth, the taste, and even the sound of pouring it into your cup.  Take a moment to actually experience and appreciate that cup of coffee.


Always supporting you,                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan

P.S.  If you would like to make this type of gratitude a habit, click here to have a complimentary session for a Discover New Possibilities call.

Jan Cerasaro
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