Well, June seemed to be a month of collaboration for me.  I met a lot of new people and extended my community.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am not shy and will start a conversation with anyone.  I love to learn more about people and really enjoy being able to connect them with other people that can help them with their lives or businesses.  I am fortunate to have many amazing people in my world.

Its official summer is here and in No. America that means longer, hotter days.  So, as we work and play more hours each day it's easy to run low on energy.  With that in mind the topic this month will be your personal energy, do you have enough of it and tips to use if not. 


Are You Running on Empty or Do You Replenish Your Energy Daily?

How long would your smartphone work if you never recharged it?  How many miles could you drive without plugging in or filling up the tank?  You may understand these concepts and work with them, yet you might ignore our own personal energy needs.  When you try to shortchange yourself and not fully recharge you will not function as well as possible and you could damage your health, relationships, and work. 

As the seemingly relentless demands at work and burdens of a busy life start to take their toll, you may tend to think that managing your time better will improve the situation. If you can just work faster, and multitask more efficiently, things will be better, you think, as you buy the latest time management gadget or software. 

However, as Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, authors of The Power of Full Engagement, explain, the skillful management of energy, not time, significantly affects high performance. Too often, we squander this valuable resource through energy-taxing habits—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.



Take this Short True/False Quiz to see how well you are managing your energy. 

  1. T/F   I rely on sugary or carbohydrate-rich snacks for bursts of energy when I need an energetic pick-me-up.
  1. T/F   Life is an endless marathon to be endured; you just have to keep on running. 
  1. T/F   I tend to do what feels immediately pressing and easier to accomplish rather than make intentional choices about how I spend my time and what matters most. 
  1. T/F   I hate routines; they’re too much like being stuck in a rut. I prefer to be loose and spontaneous. 
  1. T/F   I’m so busy I rarely have time to reflect on what I value most deeply. 
  1. T/F   I seem to be stuck in overdrive; I feel like I’ve lost the ability to shift to any other gear. 
  1. T/F   I work out (cardiovascular and weight training) irregularly, if at all. 
  1. T/F    I regularly get less than six hours of sleep. 
  1. T/F    I rarely take breaks; that way, I can get more done. 
  1. T/F   When I take the time to notice, my breathing seems shallow; I seem to go a long time without taking a deep breath. 
  1. T/F   Anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm seem ever-present for me. 
  1. T/F   When I’m under pressure, I easily become harsh or defensive with others. 
  1. T/F   Personal relationships are not something I devote a lot of energy to. If they don’t work, I move on. 
  1. T/F   I smoke and/or drink; to be honest, doing so really helps lower my anxiety level. 
  1. T/F   It’s been a long time since I’ve done something purely because it was enjoyable or felt good. 
  1. T/F   Downtime is wasted time. 

If you answered “true” to more than just a few of these statements, you’re probably not performing—or feeling—as well as you could.

When you're trying to keep performing at your best but you're running on low energy that adds stress to your body.  If you're not sure how to break that pattern let's have a complimentary session to help you can take your first step away from stress.   


I know it may be un-American, but I have never had an energy drink. Since the industry is booming it's apparent that a lot of people use them.  With our topic this month being about your personal energy I have included an article with options instead of using energy drinks.  4 Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks (


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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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