Here we are again at my favorite month.  This is when we have more daylight, and my garden starts to bloom.  Watching the bulbs grow and bloom gives me a lot of pleasure.  

On to this month's topic about resilience and your coping skills.



Unlocking Resilience-Assess Your Coping Skills 

The impact of stress accumulates, and, beyond the ongoing, regular stress that comes from living in our high-impact culture, specific life events can really knock you for a loop. Even happy changes can cause bumps in the road, which you register both physically and emotionally. While you can’t eliminate stress from your life, you can learn where your hot spots are and how to best reduce and manage the stress you experience. 

You won’t be scored at the end, but answer true or false to the following questions, and elaborate a bit on those that feel especially relevant.

  1. I prioritize beginning my day with peaceful thoughts, such as reading an inspiring passage, saying a prayer, or acknowledging the gift of a new day.   True / False
  2. I make a conscious effort to stay focused on the present moment, avoiding dwelling on past events or worrying excessively about the future.   True / False
  3. I incorporate physical activity into my daily routine, even if it's just a short walk around the block or a brief 20-minute workout.   True / False
  4. I place importance on maintaining healthy eating habits and taking the time to savor and enjoy my meals without engaging in other activities like work or driving.   True / False
  5. I actively cultivate a positive outlook, seeing challenges as opportunities for personal growth and development.   True / False
  6. I am assertive and capable of saying no when necessary to protect my physical and emotional well-being.   True / False
  7. I intentionally carve out open time in my schedule for spontaneous activities or moments of relaxation.   True / False
  8. I regularly practice relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises to alleviate tension and stress in my body.   True / False
  9. I ensure that my daily to-do list is realistic and manageable, containing tasks that can feasibly be accomplished within a day.   True / False
  10. I am comfortable with the concept of "good enough," understanding that perfection is not always attainable or necessary in every aspect of life.   True / False
  11. I create and visualize peaceful mental images that I can retreat to during moments of stress or overwhelm, such as imagining a sunlit beach or a serene forest.  True / False
  12. I actively work on replacing negative emotions like anger, irritability, and cynicism with more positive and constructive thoughts, such as peace, hope, patience, and joy.   True / False
  13. I focus my time and energy on making changes where I have control and accept the things that are beyond my control with grace and understanding.   True / False
  14. To minimize stress, I schedule important tasks that can be stressful, such as moving or hosting events, during periods when the other parts of my life are calm and manageable. True / False
  15. I utilize journaling not only to document stressful events and problems but also as a tool to express my thoughts, feelings, and reflections.   True / False
  16. I prioritize and schedule regular time off for self-care, whether it's dedicating a day each month for myself, planning a weekend getaway, or taking a longer vacation.      True / False
  17. I actively engage with my support network, including friends, family, and professionals, to communicate about my stress levels and seek guidance and assistance when needed.    True / False

Remember, managing stress is an ongoing journey, and being mindful of your strategies and seeking support when necessary are key components of a healthy stress management approach. Take care of yourself!  


Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges 3rd Edition

This book is written by three doctors who have each had challenges to deal with.  One was a cancer diagnosis, one was shot, and the other one was the subject of bullying.  This book covers how they handled the situations and were able to move on.  This edition is post COVID and addresses that as well.  If you want to check it out here is the Amazon link.



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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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